Destination Weddings are an Experience not just a Wedding….

For me, it started with my days of filming weddings for the reality TV show Whose Wedding is it Anyway? and Married Away on the Style Network….I began receiving more and more requests to plan destination weddings.   Over the past 10 years I have seen the Destination Wedding industry grow and I really don’t foresee it slowing down.    After all, why would it?    When has anyone ever said “I HAVE to go to a destination wedding…” Instead guests who plan to make the journey are excited from the moment they decide to go.   That excitement continues throughout the entire time of their trip.

For the couple, they have the opportunity of going away to an amazing destination and experiencing it with their friends and family which turns into DAYS worth of an experience not just a few hours.

Destination weddings are really very affordable when you consider what couples are spending on average to have a wedding.  Again, with a destination wedding, you are spending this money on days worth of an experience instead of just a few hours of a wedding day.   The value is in the memories you will have during this time at the destination.

When you hire an experienced travel professional who specializes in planning destination weddings, your experience is all the more enjoyable.  Sometimes dealing with vendors in a foreign country can be challenging.  Trying to do that when you are on your lunch hour can be next to impossible.   Some travel professionals stick to handling only the travel portion of planning the destination wedding while others will handle all communications with the resort and vendors making it a seamless experience.   You simply arrive and begin enjoying yourself when you hire a destination wedding specialist to help you plan your wedding away.    Going it alone is doable but so is planning any wedding on your own.  The difference is really the experience you want to have for yourself throughout the entire wedding planning and when you are in the destination.

Bringing your destination wedding specialist with you further insures you will have a smooth experience while at the destination.   Your specialist will be acting as your advocate throughout the time you are at the destination.  Your destination wedding specialist is managing the setup and flow so you don’t have to worry.

It is common for resorts to have multiple weddings occurring on the same day….resort coordinators often have multiple weddings that they are personally handling.  Having your destination wedding specialist with you is the difference from being the most important wedding for that resort planner’s day vs just another wedding.

As your destination wedding specialist we have resources and relationships that we can rely on when the time comes.

We LOVE destination weddings!



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